Military Service Recognition Book Project

Ontario Command is proud to introduce the publishing of our very first Military Service Recognition Book.  A book that will assist us in identifying and recognizing many of our Veterans within the Province of Ontario, while at the same time assist us in our job as the “Keepers of Remembrance.

This annual publication will help identify and recognize many of Ontario’s Veterans who have served their country so well during times of war and peace. Books will be available free-of-charge at all Legion Branches by September.. Books are gifted to schools, libraries and community centres. We invite you to submit stories of Veterans and Military Service Personnel who have touched your life. Submission forms and guidelines are available from Our Branch for those wishing to submit a story and photo of one of our Veterans.

A provincial telephone appeal is underway to private citizens and businesses requesting support to publish this book each year and support Legion Branch programs.

Use the Link at the Bottom of this page to Ontario Command for More Information. Addition Information also available at Our Branch.