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The Ladies Auxiliary is a non-profit organization operated separately from The Royal Canadian Legion. Members of the Ladies’ Auxiliary support the aims and objects of The Royal Canadian Legion and today, they are a vital and integral part of the work of the Legion. Major contributors to the day-to-day life of Legion Branches, Ladies’ Auxiliaries provide financial and volunteer support to Legion programs.

The Ladies’ Auxiliary originated during the First World War when women were asked to help wounded Veterans returning home and to provide supports for their families. The Barrie Royal Canadian Legion was established in April 1929. Just a year later, (Mar. 17, 1930) a charter was received for the Ladies Auxiliary. Over 90 years of service, the Branch 147 Ladies Auxiliary has played a very important role in enriching the programs and activities of the Branch.

It was through their fundraising and generosity that our current building was able to install an elevator in 1991. Over the years they have helped the Legion cover many unforeseen, repair and upgrade expenses. They also created special programs on their own in support of Canadian Veterans. For many years they brought Toronto, Sunnybrook Hospital Veterans to Barrie for a day away including a special dinner and afternoon of entertainment.

The 2022-23 Executive for Barrie Branch 147 Ladies Auxiliary is:

Back row:  Cecilia O'Leary-Executive; Lynn Dawson-Secretary; Shirley Nelson-Treasurer;  Cheryl Eastop-Executive; Karen Pennington-Executive.  

Front Row:  Donna  Hadley- Sergeant Arms; Bonnie  Whitnall-President;  Sue Atkin-1st Vice; Katherine Johnstone-Executive.

The Auxiliary supports all our Hall Rental entertainment events requiring food services. This includes food planning, room set up, meal preparation and table support.

The Ladies’ Auxiliaries are coordinated at the Branch level. Any woman who is eligible for membership in the Legion may choose to become a member of the Ladies Auxiliary only or a member of both organizations. If you are looking to join the Barrie Branch 147 Ladies Auxiliary or wish to learn more about them, please call the Legion (705-728-1412) and ask to have a member of the Auxiliary call you back.

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