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Major Stanley Francis Corbeau

Stan Corbeau  was born in Penetanguishene, Ontario, Feb. 15, 1917. As a young man, he was employed by Ontario Hydro.

He joined the Simcoe Foresters in 1933 as a Private and rose to the rank of 2ndLieutenant in November, 1939. At the outbreak of war in Europe, Corbeau remained attached to the G&SF at Camp Borden through its transition ao the 26thArmy Tank Battalion. In October 1942, he was permanently attached to H.Q. 2 Cdn. Army Tank Brigade at Camp Borden and promoted to the rank of Captain. The Brigade, equipped with RAM II tanks, trained at the newly opened Meaford AFV Range. In August, 1943 he went overseas to Bovington, England for training in use of the Duplex Drive Systems for armoured vehicles.

In preparation for the D-Day Invasion, Corbeau worked closely with Maj. Gen. Sir Percy Hobart and the British 79th, in simulation trials, testing and strategies development for armoured vehicle beach landings. On June 6, 1944, Capt. Corbeau landed at Juno Beach, Normandy with the 2ndCanadian Armoured brigade in support of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division.

In September, 1944, Corbeau was appointed as, Officer Commanding of the newly formed 1stCanadian Armoured Personnel Carrier Squadron which became known as “THE KANGAROOS” and advanced to rank of Major. With Corbeau in command, 1CAPC Squadron, the “Kangaroos” took part in operations to close the ‘Falaise Gap’ and the capture of Le Havre, Boulogne. Calais and the breaching of the Siegfried Line. Prior to the campaign for the liberation of the Netherlands, the Squadron was absorbed into the 1stCanadian Armoured Personnel Carrier Regiment where Corbeau continued in command through the liberation of the Netherlands and into Germany. It was during his time as Officer Commanding, 'A' Squadron, 1CAPCR, that Major Corbeau received the Distinguished Service Order (DSO)

Major Stan Corbeau wore his Kangaroo cap badge at Borden until 1950 when he was transferred to the Royal Canadian Dragoons. He remained active in the Canadian Military until his retirement in 1966.

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