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The Colour Party is actively involved in many events in the Branch and in the Community. We are proud of the members of our Colour Party as they represent our Branch

General Duties:

At the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of  Legion meetings; On Legion parades such as a Church Parade,  Decoration Day, Memorial Day, Remembrance  Day and related ceremonial occasions; Colours may also be paraded at community, provincial/territorial or national events that are considered important; At the discretion of a Branch President, Zone or  District Commander, Provincial or Dominion  Command President when it is believed that the image of the Legion will be enhanced by the presence of a Colour Party.


May be performed at:

  • Funeral Service; graveside service, or memorial service.

There are two forms of service for our members:

  • VETERAN AND ORDINARY MEMBERS; (Poppy Service) and;

The purpose of the LEGION Tribute is to honour our deceased Comrades and show support for the family. This Tribute is available on request by family/friends of RCL Branch 147 members.

 If you wish to arrange a Tribute Service through our Branch, please contact our Sgt at Arms or our Branch Padre.

Comrades! We need your help to make these important services available: If you are a member in good standing with Barrie Legion Branch 147, and would like to join the Colour Party, or Participate in LEGION Tribute Services, please contact us, Thank you!

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